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HyperWorks is a CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Software. This Software is specially recognized for Pre-Processing, Solver and Post-Processing for the analysis of a Component, Sub Assembly or Assembly. It is the most widely used CAE Software.

Application of HyperWorks
HyperWorks is used in following industries:
» Automobile
» Railway
» Aerospace
» Ship
» Construction
» General Fabrication, and so many

Biggest companies of the world are using this software.

Role of SSB Engineers
We provide training of the HyperWorks Software. There are three steps in the Virtual Analysis. These are:

The software used for Pre-Processing is HyperMesh. The steps involved here are:
1) Import the CAD Data
2) Improve the CAD Data
3) 2D Meshing
4) 3D Meshing
5) Specification of Boundary Conditions
6) Specification of Loading Conditions
7) Material Specification
8) Property Specification

The software used for Solver is Radioss. The above equation is saved and run in the solver by selecting the type of analysis. The solver solve the equation with displacement, stress, etc. But we can’t see the result.

The software used for Post-Processing is HyperView. We can check the equation solved by the solver in this software. After that, we prepare the Project Report in PowerPoint Presentation.

Apart from HyperMesh, Radioss and HyperView, we also provide training of HyperBlank Software.

This software is used for determining the blank size of the Sheet Metal Components. We provide one book free of cost for the CAE.

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